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Divorce & Parenting Mediation

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  • Divorce

  • Split up

  • Re-negotiate an agreement

  • Resolve a dispute regarding a Parenting Plan

  • Setting up a Parenting Plan

  • Negotiate Custody, Access, and /or Maintenance.

  • Need to divide assets

Why Would One Choose Mediation?

  • Save time & money -> it's way cheaper & quicker than litigation

  • It provides freedom of decision making -> plan your own future, instead of the court making decisions for you.

  • The Best Interest of the Child is seen as paramount in Mediation -> assisting the parents in formulating a child-focused parenting plan.

  • Positive future co-parenting -> both parties are heard & acknowledged, and open communication is created.

What Do Mediators Do?

  • They assist couples not by providing the resolution for them, but by helping them reach that resolution on their own.

  • They have the ability to look at a situation and determine as many possible ways to reach a desirable goal as possible.

  • They have training in de-escalation techniques and dispute management.

  • They try and prevent arguments by directing the flow of the conversation.

  • Good mediators allow both parties an equal amount of space to air their concerns.

  • They assist couples to reach a conclusion that they can both agree on.


  • Divorce Settlement Agreements

  • Parenting Plans

  • Maintenance Agreements

  • Relationship Agreements

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • And More